Sports massage

Mobile Sports Massage

Experience the benefits of having a massage brought to you. I can come to your home, office or sports team to treat you.

About Sports massage:

Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage designed to:

  • Reduce and remove muscular tension
  • Aid in the recovery and prevention of injuries
  • Prepare the body for athletic activity
  • Maintain your body at an optimal condition
  • Help recover after strenuous workouts



Duncan Boltt – Crossfit Athlete , Rugby player & Owner Crossfit Stags & Does


Mike is a fantastic therapist who worked at my gym in Cambridge for 3 years. He fixed countless members and got them back to performing at their best quickly. He really has a passion for fixing people.

Rex Elston – Wakeboarder, Surfer, Rugby player.


I love sport and Mike helps me keep moving and challenge myself. I’ve had grumbling lower back problems on and off since 2009 and was resigned to the fact I had to live with it. Since I started getting massage treatments from Mike I’ve seen a big improvement. Less tight/sore muscles and improved flexibility. Mike also used his personal training background to advise me on some new stretches and core exercises that have really helped too.

Heather – Crossfit athlete, Horse rider 


Mike is a fantastic and enthusiastic massage therapist, who always takes into consideration past injuries. After having double cruciate surgeries on my knees, I find that my back and shoulders compensate for the chronic weakness while working out on a regular basis. Frequent massages with Mike are incredibly beneficial, he uses techniques which help relieve the aches and pains, but also provides useful stretching exercises and advice which can be used at home to help prolong the benefits of the massage. He’s a friendly, fun and reliable therapist who is considering his skills very reasonably priced. I would recommend him to anyone!